Empire of NothingDoug Bandow

„Deciding is a job for a few thousand Eurocrats spread across national parliaments, the EU bureaucracy, large corporations, and institutional allies in academia, think tanks, and the media.”

„In their mind democracy is preventing the people from deciding.”

„Despite support from just about everyone and every institution that mattered, the treaty died a public death after both Dutch and French voters rejected it. The Eurocratic elite was stunned, but wasn’t about to allow its project to die. The text was adjusted slightly and rechristened as the “Lisbon Treaty,” which only required parliamentary approval. Polls showed that voters in more than half of the EU’s 27 members would reject the agreement, but no matter. They would not receive an opportunity to vote—except in Ireland. The skids were greased to slide the treaty through irrespective of popular attitudes. And then, on June 12 Irish voters had the temerity to say no.”

„Hand-wringing filled the corridors of power throughout the continent, but virtually no one worried about what Europe would do now, after the Treaty’s death. Rather, everyone schemed to get around the Irish vote. … In short, democracy is fine, as long as it yields the correct outcome. Kind of the Brezhnev Doctrine applied to European politics.”

„But even if the Irish public ends up giving in, the result would not be an effective, united Europe.”

„The elite agree more on process than substance, most obviously the right of the elite to make all important decisions.”

„But even if the continent’s governments could paper over their own disagreements, they lack any popular support for a serious EU foreign policy. It might be possible to continue constructing an overbearing regulatory bureaucracy and impose it on a largely quiescent population. Without a firm popular foundation it is not, however, possible to create a quasi-nation state ready and able to play an active role in the world.”

„Finally and more fundamental, even with Lisbon the European “state” would still lack the sense of national identity and popular willingness to stand behind—and, if necessary, die for—EU policy. America’s greatest strength is not a truly national government. It is a people who believe in the nation, the union of individual states, and who will support the national government in making policy. That Europe does not have, and it would not be magically created by the Lisbon Treaty. ”

„Do the Irish people want to get dragged into a war with nuclear-armed Russia because a distant and largely unaccountable elite in Brussels, which has demonstrated its utter disdain for what the Irish people think, decides that war is necessary? Maybe their perspective isn’t so stupid after all.”


Dar noi? Ne vom bate pentru UE? Pieptul la hotare, ne ameninţă ruşii! Pe noi, ueuropenii. Acum 3 ani, ni se susura, ar fi trebuit sa acceptăm „constituţia” ueistă pentru a ne păzi de iresponsabilii americani. Peste 3 ani va fi ameninţarea chineză. Tot înainte, tovarăşi, orice pretext e bun. De preferinţă, cît mai gros. Să-l perceapă şi cucoana Udrea.

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