Suveranitatea națională contra euromaidanului

[aprox. min 12 și 15 sec:] „It seems to me that this principle of national sovereignty was one which was worth standing up for and if my own country haven’t done so then I would very, very much be pleased if somebody else did so. And I thought that Vladimir Putin was coming under all this pressure, was being threatened by a color revolution, possibly some of you will remember the supposed orange revolution in Kiev or the rose revolution in Tbilisi, in Georgia, which were largely, in my view, contrived by western money to overthrow governments by what would, in any other other circumstances, be called mob rule – which is dignified by the modern media as people power – and I could see that something of the kind was being contrived for Vladimir Putin.

As the Syrian crisis proceeded and as various governments, including our own [britanic], fought harder and harder and harder for a military intervention in Syria which would have created, in my view, a terrible war and turn the country already in very serious crisis into much, much worse crisis and chaos I thought again this principle of national sovereignty is one which needs to be defended. Vladimir Putin is not merely defending it in his own country, is defending it in Syria and in the Middle East. He’s saying: this idea that you could intervene in somebody else’s country because you don’t like its regime is one which is wrong, dangerous and should be opposed.

And anyone who’s seriously concerned with international stability, with peace, for ending the strange period of voluntary war which we entered into in the early years of this century should actually be very interested that there is somebody who is prepared to take this line.

we should begin to examine this constant urge, propaganda as by academics, propaganda as by politicians, propaganda as by our own prime minister, propaganda as by the BBC, that there is a duty in this country and a duty in all major countries to intervene in the affairs of foreign countries. It’s time to came to an end.”

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