Argumentație esențială împotriva tribunalelor internaționale

„they are tyrannical in the very literal sense of the term, in the sense they do not uphold the law in any meaningful sense”

„it is essential to close down these tribunals, realize that this adventure [of creating international tribunals] is a mistake and a very dangerous mistake because the practices of these tribunals are already corrupting the practices in national jurisdictions, there is a process of osmosis by which some of their worst practices are now accepted in national jurisdictions as well”

„so as well we must abandon this false punishment ethic which in fact is only an excuse for more violence, it’s an excuse for carrying on, it’s a continuation of war by other means”

„we need to have a rupture and go back to the tradition which is much longer and much more noble and much more beautiful, which is the tradition of saying that when there is a war everybody commits crimes and that self understanding, which was the cause of the amnesty clauses [in peace treaties], that self knowledge needs to be revived because otherwise we just live in a world of violence and hypocrisy”

„one of the worst abuses, possibly the most dangerous aspect of all, in international tribunals, is the role given to victims in these trials. The whole status of the victim has been raised to almost an iconic level, has become an article of faith, now, that victims must be given a role in the criminal trial. Precisely the definition of the most advanced forms of justice in the civilized world precisely give no role to victims, at all, in the criminal trial. Why ? Because the victim or the person who thinks of himself as a victim obviously has a desire for vengence and therefore his role is reduced to a minimum or zero. Those judicial systems where the victims do have a role are regarded as barbaric. This elevation of the role of victim will destroy the very concept of fair justice, of equilibrium in justice.”

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    1. Putem scoate una (imperfectă, în română însă) pornind de la:
      (ne) rade i(n) nas Satan(a)

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