„The Jew is defined by a negation, especially the secular Jew. The Orthodox Jew doesn’t really need antisemitism, he knows who he is, he believes in God, he follows the Talmud, he reads the Torah, eats kosher. But the secular Jew needs kind of negation in order to sustain the Jewish tribal identity.”

„This cognitive elite was operating within the ghetto. In 19th century they move out of the ghetto and then the first thing they want to do is stop being Jews. They are very clever people, they want to play with the big guys, banking, academia, politics. […] What we see in practice is Jews and especially the lower classes Jews left out without their intelligentsia. What is happening is the Jewish cognitive elite rather than serving their community, something that they did for 1500 years, they suddenly become self-centric.”

„But this kind of elite they may think in terms of Jewish tribal interests […] they may be committed to the Jews, may not be committed to the Jews, but what is most interesting, and this is why I really regard people like Judith Butler or Noam Chomsky as academics with really uniquely low level of intellectual integrity, the most crucial thing about Jewish culture and about Judaism is the unique lack of ethical thinking.”

„In Christianity and Islam you look for the ethical understanding in yourself. In Judaism we have the 10 commandments. Ethical people don’t need God to tell them not to kill and not to steal. In Judaism there is litigation that orchestrates the ethical code. […] The only attempt to create an ethical Jew was, funny enough, Zionism. Why do I mention it is because those rich oligarchs [referire la cei ucraineni] who are Jewish and sometimes product of Jewish upbringing are not committed to any ethical thinking, they are not very different from Bernie Maddox or Elie Wiesel. Elie Wiesel is very ethical, is the humanist of one people. His own.”

„- I made my own poll and started to ask Palestinians and they all told me, we prefer to be 7th or 10th or 12th class citizens in Israel rather than living in an Arab state. The situation, you know, I’m tired of the kind of leftie, black and white, […] is very, very complicated, it is a very interesting place, I wouldn’t like to step a foot there, but I monitor it, everyday I try to read Israeli press […] and you have to remember another thing, Haaretz, for instance, produces some criticism of Jewish power, in Israel, that it is way, way, way more succinct and genuine than our entire western dissident press. (replica ironică a interlocutorului: – I didn’t know there is a dissident press in the West.)”

„We see progressive Jews, funded by George Soros, at the forefront of this battle. What these people are doing, for the last 20-30 years, they are dividing society, regrouping society in a very different fashion, instead of looking at society as a whole the way the traditional unionist leftist used to do […] in the new left ideology we slice society into „as the” groups: as the woman, as the Jew, as the gay, as the lesbian, as the Muslim, as the black. And what we create is a manifold of sectarian wars and these sectarian wars actually divert our attention from the fact that manufacturing is pushed out of the window, health is pretty much gone, education is annihilated, as a concept, and I identify the work of the Frankfurt school, the student revolution and Wilhelm Reich at the center of this transition that brought to the annihilation of the West.”

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