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Powerhouse attorney Lin Wood tells America why he joined Trump’s election team and what is coming

President Donald Trump’s legal team added a top attorney who believes the 2020 presidential election represents a “constitutional crisis” for the nation.

L. Lin Wood, the lawyer who successfully represented teen Nicholas Sandmann in a defamation suit against The Washington Post and CNN, has joined the president’s efforts to challenge attempts by Democrats and the media to steal the election for Joe Biden.

Wood spoke about why he decided to help the president during an election update event in Georgia over the weekend, telling a crowd of Trump supporters that the “country is under attack” and that Democrats and their allies are “trying to take away your rights.”

“I was sitting around Tuesday night watching the election returns, I’ve loved politics all my life, since I first voted in 1972. And I saw what I assumed was going to happen. I saw President Trump building up what I believed was going to be almost an historic landslide victory,” Wood said at the press conference in Atlanta, where he is based.

“Then all the sudden every network, including Fox News, started doing what they do best – they started lying to the American public. And they took a victory from Donald Trump and they called it a lie,” Wood told the crowd who also heard from Donald Trump Jr., Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel and Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones.

“They took a defeat from Joe Biden and lied and said he won. And they sent you to bed, turning off the count of the vote so you could wake up the next morning like I did and go ‘What happened?’” he continued.

“When I was asked by President Trump to help him in Georgia and perhaps other places around this country, I said ‘yeah’…” Wood said. “I said yes because there is a cloud over this country. And if we don’t get it right and we don’t figure out what happened that night, that cloud is going to get darker and darker until it turns into a storm cloud and we’re going to lose our freedom. So it is time to fight back…”

Wood, who’s also representing Kyle Rittenhouse, who was charged in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shootings, called for “patience” in a tweet on Monday, noting that “when something does not make sense, it is almost always proven to be false.”

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