From the Halls of Ottawa to the Shores of Odessa

Negative. I doubt there’s much the Marines corps can do.

Let’s put this in simple terms.

If the collective Western world could do something about the situation in Ukraine then it would have already done it.

It can not.

The logical continuation for this train of thought: the changes will keep coming.

The logical outcome: regardless of the form it takes and the extent it reaches, or whether there will be an Ukrainian state left eventually, the post-Soviet Ukraine state is breaking.

How many pieces, what sizes, how long it will take are perfectly legitimate questions. But the main answer was already given.

Western retreat from Ukraine is a fact. The dubious and worrisome insistence on the city of Lvov as a fall back position only confirms the dark realities on the ground. Revealing bitterly how barely noticeable life signs of the western backed regime in Kiev are.

Still in Kiev formally, but already redeployed in spirit much to the west, where its patrons believe the minions can put up some resistance. An educated guess tells us the Poles aren’t so happy about that choice.

Thirty years of constantly fueled instability, from both directions, take their heavy toll. Only to be exacerbated by the existential crisis a fiendishly eviscerated West already brought upon itself.

Yet… the Canadian truckers are bad.

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