Shouldn’t make that threat, comrade

It is largely forgotten that communist Romania’s leader, Ceausescu, clearly stated about one month before his fall, at the last communist party’s congress, that Romania can build nuclear weapons if necessary.

It wasn’t an idle threat. This reality was arguably confirmed years before in the book of a top security apparatus general who defected to US.

Years after Ceausescu’s fall, further confirmation came in the form of, not secret, let’s say very discreet, government decrees which closed some military nuclear research facilities, at US’s request.

Romania knew how to handle nuclear civilian technology and had about a decade of continuous training for its own nuclear engineers in Canada.

No need to mention that many specialists chose to ‘stay’ there for good. Considering all of them were previously ‘cleared’ by the security state, it is safe to assume some continued to deliver sensitive information.

My point is some threats are credible, but it is foolish to threaten before you actually have the means to substantiate the threat. Ukraine’s threat about acquiring nuclear weapons was credible and surely accelerated the current outcome.

Now the rumoring mentions fights in the radioactive infested Chernobyl area. A reminder tombs and Pandora boxes should be left untouched.

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