A map from the ‘hostiles’

Until now I uploaded maps from 2 ‘friendlies’, meaning they are leaning towards the Ukrainian side point of view.

Today I post one from The Saker. A day old.

Can’t vouch for any of these (public) sources accuracy, naturally. I pick information from wherever I think is decently credible and I assemble it in such a way that it satisfies my critical reasoning. The only caveat, there’s not enough time to let it distill, so error margin increases.

Whatever I write here comprises a large chunk of prediction and/or extrapolation. Luckily, until now, after every couple of days or so the predictive/extrapolation part proved fairly correct.

I also borrow, either consciously or simply by juxtaposition, the interpretations/conclusions from others I follow on internet. Everybody does it and I try my best to quote when it’s the case and provide links.

I never apologize. In the era of disgusting censorship and nauseating propaganda, the common, civilized, impulse to double check your position, the ‘he/she/they might be right’ is a waste of time and a liability. You don’t like it, you have too many doubts, nobody forces you to agree, but I care about your sensibilities only when or if I choose to, not under any kind of pressure.

OK, the map:


Today, from what I gather, the encirclement of the easternmost Ukrainian forces has been completed. If it’s not so, it will be in a matter of hours. More relevant questions: how many soldiers were caught there and where, apart Mariupol, are located the Azov-like troops ? Connoisseurs know why.

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