What next ?

There won’t be an Ukrainian military victory in the ‘classic’ phase of the ongoing war with Russia.

Everybody knows it, with the possible exception of some MSM idiots and a handful of rabid mid level sociopaths. Probably the most aware of the dire truth is the Ukrainian army.

A fantastically unexpected overturning can happen… well… you can wait for it… and wait… we’re moving on.

What is going to happen next ?

How doable is the prolonged, staunch resistance scenario the West desires and anticipates ?

It is doable if you can deliver support. But where and from where ?

Russia may occupy all the country or leave the western part to its fate, sort of. If Russia doesn’t militarily occupy whole Ukraine and a government in exile becomes a fact, we are going to face a very strange situation. A puppet government in Kiev probably not even attempting to take control over west Ukraine, a government in exile who hides in London (trust me, London’s the mythical place, ‘we shall fight on the beeches…’, you know the drill) and a no man’s land between NATO and Russia.

‘Freedom fighters’, weapons and logistics should pour into that wild west Ukraine from NATO bordering countries. But with the London government in exile openly in a state of war with the Russian invader, any support for its ‘resistance’ implies a state of war between the sponsors and Russia. Russia made this point very clear. Sucks !

Declaring a West Ukraine independent state would solve many of the ‘problems’, I doubt Russia and her Kiev followers would put up more than a token grumble, but what about the resistance then and the government in exile !?

Beats me. I’ve never been able to compete with the Marvel-Game of Thrones-Hollywoodish imagination of the political scriptwriters. I’m confident though they can invent a story where we have a new state in west Ukraine and also a government in exile (over the whole Ukraine) friendly with them while fighting to death the ‘occupiers’ in the other chunk of land.

Why am I struggling with an absurd stretching of logic and realities ? Because the shrinking in power Western world won’t give up, no matter how counter-productive such course of action may prove to be.

It’s about prestige, you know, the fewer the clothes covering emperor’s skin, the more erect is the need for prestige posturing, a consuming crave for recognition amidst increasing levels of mockery.

It’s probably a revealing sign the US propped Western empire displays a senile emperor on the Washingtonian throne.

About my worries… some other time.

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