‘Special operation’ is only for the big dogs ?

I’m asking because, in my mind, a Romanian government having national interest at heart should prepare or even already have in ‘stand by’ a ‘special operation’ targeting the former Romanian territories in a totally collapsed Ukrainian state. (That is the area west of Nistru/Dniestr river, south of Rep. of Moldova, and the area in the western Ukraine, up until north of Cernăuți/Chernovits city).

The reason for this ‘special operation’ could be, I don’t know, quelling anarchy resulting from the dissolution of any kind of state authority. The ‘right to protect’ applies, right ? Doesn’t matter, a specialized PR organization could offer a very emotional and cinematically powerful narrative for public consumption.

It would be entirely humanitarian, goes without saying.

In coordination with the Poles, of course, who could launch a ‘special operation’ of their own.

And certainly at the request of local population. (Preferably some who actually live there, not tweeting from New York or wherever.)

Endorsed by an understanding wink from Russia and a sigh of despair from NATO.

Romania won’t even dream to dare to disturb the ‘regime change’ monopoly the great powers exercise, no, not at all. We’ll just impose our regime, it’s just fine, trust me.

Everything happens entirely in my mind, naturally.

Part of the above is just for fun. The other part…

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