Soros – a moment of sincerity

Watching the always great JP, from Awaken with JP, I found this incredible pearl.

Ah, Soros the nostalgic, what a joy !

Siege of Budapest 1944 !? Interesting comparison, George. So the Ukrainians situation now is similar with those besieged in Budapest then ? Wow !

The besieged forces were represented by the Germans, ruled by a certain ultra democratic party and his leader, a certain Volodolf Zelenitler, or something like that. Also present were the Hungarian forces, defending their capital, true, but also, absolutely by pure coincidence, the Hungarian government of Ferenc Szalasi, slightly extremely democratic also (with accent on extreme), a government installed by a German operated coup… aaa… I mean colored revolution (sort of, the color spectrum was limited to feldgrau).

The besiegers were again the Russians, true, but good guys then, and Romanians (we never miss the opportunity when Budapest is involved). The cards have been reshuffled since then, the good guys and bad guys roles have been redistributed. Guess George didn’t get the memo.

Really, George, the siege of Budapest 1944 !? You, dirty dog, you ! Or is the senile dementia speaking ?

JP’s excellent video :

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