November 2020 – When the „New Reality” fell upon us

When we watch what is happening in the world, all around us, when we witness madness or psychological induced manifestations which were impossible to accept only a few years back, we should wonder when it all started or, rather, in the spirit of this text, when it all went to the gutters ?

The answer is simple and I see no reason why we should beat around the bush: the tipping point happened when the US presidential elections were stolen. The great nation steal – and it’s nothing ironic there. Great because the machination brought on its knees the most powerful nation on earth. Despite its population being a little bit more aware politically than its European old, now decrepit politically, relatives but in perfect tune with the will of the American decoupled elites, devoid of national connections with those they perceive as a ‘resource’, good only to provide them benefices.

The Caesar was stabbed repeatedly, as it is customary, by the Grahams, the McConnells, the FoxNews, the Dorseys, the Zuckerbergs oligarchs, the sclerotic senators of earmarked combines in a terminal alliance with the new age automatons of the Big Tech, all obscenely embracing in a media orgy of unbridled lies, relentless bullying and moral turpitude, sneering and applauding the final cut Brutus Pence applied. The final stage of corruption.

Terminal corruption will radically change the system within it operates. And it did.

We know why this is happening. You can call it the great reset, you can throw in the Davos crowd and its hideous Schwab mascot, sprinkle with Soros open society NGOs, add to the mix Clintons’ and Blair’s mafias, bake with the regally endorsed pedophile appreciation Epstein societies, ornate with last day jet set Gore-Kerry-Greta ecofriendly maniacs, but, in the end, these are only faces of the same underlying ideological evil. I don’t forget the secret services, the glue which allows the evil cake ingredients stick together.

The last obstacle the sane world placed in front of these monsters was impersonated by Trump.

We now know the biological pandemic was engineered because we can see it morph into the censorship pandemic and the wartime powers pandemic. But I venture to affirm the covidian totalitarian push didn’t simply occur when Trump happened to be president. Exactly because he and all that he represented inadvertently came to power, the official one, was the destabilizing event which precipitated the launch into action of the pandemic scheme.

The collection of evil’s masks is now complete and was revealed to the public. Many see, recognize and now clearly understand the whole picture. Many know they are targeted and who their enemies are.

Nevertheless, the open reign of evil has started. Prematurely, maybe. It doesn’t matter in the end, no web of lies can stand against the sword of truth. The deep cut the sword can inflict could also very well be the avenging reply to the multitude of Brutus slashes which started the dark reign we face today.

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