Sleep tight, we have it under control…

Do you !?

Not even for yourselves, you peanut brains bastards !

I found this piece of evidence on youtube.

A gold nugget.

Tucker Carlson, almost 5 years ago, on the ramparts of sanity’s stronghold, resisting the rabid horde’s spiteful nonsense.

It helps us make the necessary connections with ease.

Trump was the target then and ‘evil Putin’ mantra was used as ammunition against him. (Relate that with the words Trump spoke at a rally the other day – the second video clip.)

Once Trump removed, the globalist owners of the US redirected the now tired Goliath on an insane confrontation path with Russia. Now they have it.

With such idiots influencing the American policies all will end well, won’t it ? Not even for ‘them’ ! They are breaking down their own power base.

Be ware, desperation levels amongst the globalist US ‘elite’ are going to skyrocket ! Any insanity now becomes possible.



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