Mariupol footage forensics

I try to determine exactly what areas were filmed in Patrick Lancaster’s footage from Mariupol.

Mariupol doesn’t have Google maps pedestrian level panoramas but has several locations where circular panorama shots were taken.

I managed to determine he apparently entered the city from NW, travelling on Zaporizke Road, passed the Metro on his right then turned right (keeping on Zaporizke Road) and we can see the burnt Port City Shopping Mall, again on his right. Seconds after video is cut and we’re transported to another scene.

Below is the story from video’s start to aprox. min 3:22. There is some editing between front shooting and lateral view, there is some zooming in, but I’m pretty confident this was the direction he came from and the route taken to enter the city.

Zaporizke Road (coming from NW) – click to enlarge
PL’s route, the first 3’22” of the footage = click to enlarge
The Metro on his right side – min 2:28
Port City Shopping Mall
PC Mall before – clearly the same building
Metro & Mall – Google satellite view – click

OK, lost a lot of time with the second scene. Until I noticed the Google photo I needed to use for proof was from 2019 and it is more than likely the O’STIN brand moved to the building in the footage (the same PortCity Mall large building). Notice the highlighted semicircular structure present in both pictures.

So PL didn’t move far for the next 30 seconds of footage – up to min 3:55. The area filmed there is around the intersection below, next to the Mall.

Massive disappointment. I’m fairly certain PL never goes further than the area shown below. Lot of the last half of the video he goes back down along the Zaporizke road and then back again towards the Mall. The Metro signs and O STIN are clearly visible, also the green traffic sign. You can see the exiting column of cars – seems stationary. I’m still trying to identify some of the buildings, there are a few possibilities but they’re all inside the area I’ve outlined on map.

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