What’s good for the goose…

Replying indirectly to Alexander Mercouris (from The Duran) who, answering to a question, mentioned that he believes Romanians are wise enough not to interfere in a shooting war (we all are already caught in the economic war) over the southern Bessarabia province, now in Ukraine, formerly part of Romania.

Our leadership, i.e. ‘their’ leadership, is anything but wise. That being said, it doesn’t mean there are no forces to oppose lunacies, there are, some reactions being dictated by mere self preservation.

That being said (again), Romania’s historical rights over the southern Bessarabia, Rep. of Moldova (minus Transnistria) and northern Bukovina are a fact. Even if ethnicity is dwindling in Ukraine under the forced assimilation the Ukrainian authorities promote, there still is a strong Romanian ethnic presence also.

It really annoys me the ‘matter of fact’ attitude which by Poland and Hungary claiming Ukrainian territories is ok, but Romania should stay out because… because what !?

The Russian empire stole much of those lands, the Austrian (Habsburg) empire the rest, dealing with another empire – the Ottomans, who had no right to cede them. Brute force, pure coercion, total disregard for those involved, the ‘natives’, historical rights.

Later, the Soviet empire dealing with the German empire repeated the scheme.

In our time, the Western empire prevented at least a partial reunification because it was contrary to their anti-national globalist plans.

Ok, I get that and I truly get what Alexander said. He is wise to expect us to be wise in return and thus not to play others game, but I’m sick and tired to watch others how they play their games with our chips !

Slow death is death. Why should the Romanians miss an opportunity, a rare moment in history, usually, when an obvious artificial structure cracks and a more natural one (historically, ethnically and even geographically) should emerge ?

I don’t argue for military adventures, but Ukraine is collapsing. The bear growled over whole of Ukraine and Kindjal marked his territory, but it is clearly more than he can chew. At some point non-action becomes self-defeating.

This is why I understand the Poles restlessness. Or the Hungarians hopes.

If Viktor Orban really represents a communications bridge to Russia, now it would be the time all 3 countries send a message to Kremlin for a deal.

Sorry, Ukraine, no love, no hate, just bearing a resentment for a situation which was decided above your head (and ours) and you shouldn’t be surprised if it would be solved the same.

Also… what goes around comes around.

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  1. „Adresez un apel către toate statele să sancționeze penal utilizarea simbolului Z ca un mijloc de a sprijini războiul de agresiune al Rusiei împotriva Ucrainei. Z înseamnă crime de război rusești, orașe bombardate, mii de ucraineni omorâți. Sprijinul public pentru asemenea barbarii trebuie interzis.” https://twitter.com/DmytroKuleba/status/1508686459880062977?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Mă întreb, filmul Z(1969) , https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065234/ , îl vor interzice? Batucada lui Mikis Theodorakis va fi și ea interzisă, https://youtu.be/-1fzDCRZM9g ? Pour les connaisseurs …ulterior, regimul militar a interzis: pletele, mini-jup-ul, pe Sofocle, Tolstoi, Euripide, urãrille rusești de la petreceri, grevele, pe Aristofan, Ionesco, Sartre, Albee, Pinter, libertatea presei, sociologia, pe Beckett, Dostoievski, muzica modernă, muzica populară,matematicile moderne și litera “Z” care înseamnă”E viu” în greaca veche.

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