What’s going on here ?

The next week or so will determine if the war in Ukraine is for real. The war IN Ukraine, which is not the war for Ukraine or just between Russia and Ukraine, not even strictly from a military perspective.

There’s a war literally going on, with lots of casualties and destruction, people die every day, no doubt. But the declared rationale, which stands and has solid arguments on its side, somehow doesn’t show to be followed on the ground.

The current military strategy might be logical, avoiding civilian casualties is highly understandable, including from a cold political point of view. I still believe the minimal civilian casualties imperative hasn’t changed.

The doubt arises from the silence in Russia, at the official level, about the incredible atrocities Ukrainian side perpetrates both on the Russian soldiers and the local populace. (One of the possible reasons for not emphasizing what would normally represent a boon to the ‘justified war’ stance could be that the Russian authorities don’t want to get to the logical next step, which is admitting there can’t be any peace, if de-Nazification condition holds, before Ukraine was militarily occupied.)

Another strange event is represented by the helicopter extraction from Mariupol amidst a sort of ordered from above cool down in the operations there. No way those helicopters could have escaped combined Russian land & sea air defense and air superiority, no way. What’s going on there, why did the Russians allow the extraction ? I don’t care about NATO coordinators, that would be understandable, the possibility someone high in the Russia’s hierarchy allowed top level Nazi leaders & commanders to escape is the scary one.

I picked the two questionable ‘happenings’ because they fit the following hypothesis: what if the globalists (including their faction in Moscow) found the perfect recipe for disaster, not only in Russia (though it’s the main target) but all across Europe ?

The mood of Russian and Chechen soldiers appears to be grim when faced with the possibility of a half baked outcome to this war. They are determined to avenge the victims of atrocities and to go all the way, until the complete eradication of the perpetrators. If a dubious peace, brokered with the ‘help’ of the likes of an Erdogan or Abramovitch, happens then tens of thousands of militaries will go back in Russia with a black anger in their hearts. With a little bit of help, chaos may follow.

On the other hand, the beasts unleashed now in Ukraine will spread and roam freely all across Europe adding the perfect detonator to the powder keg of woke-ist societies regurgitating with tons of unassimilated, culturally incompatible immigrants. An Europe lead by Macrons and Scholzies midget stooges.

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