Moscow sank in the Black Sea

A few thoughts about Moskva ship destruction.

Firstly, a not too far fetched analogy that popped in my mind was with the Argentinian cruiser a British submarine sank in the Falklands war. Belgrano was the name ? Something like that, too lazy to check. An old ship, obsolete, with a lot of crew on board. An image victory, militarily insignificant. In fact, UK eventually suffered far more costly naval losses than Argentina, all ships being destroyed after air bomb/missile attacks.

Well, the analogy might not stop to the age, size, relative obsolescence and prestige load between the two (Argentinian and Russian) ships. While not excluding completely the Ukrainian claim (I should, they brazenly lie most of the time), the other 3 hypothesis I came about (excluding an accident) are more consistent with a below the surface strike, either coming from the exterior or the interior of the ship.

The most benign cause would be that the ship hit a mine. An Ukrainian mine drifting away from where it was initially anchored.

The most intriguing cause would be internal sabotage. Again, most likely carried either by an Ukrainian sailor (I understand there’s a number of them in the Russia’s Black Sea fleet) or a bought/blackmailed Russian one. Here the mastermind could be Ukrainian but other possibilities shouldn’t be excluded either.

The third cause, Andrei Martyanov talks about, would be the most dangerous one, a underwater attack executed by frogmen. Martyanov points to British operating from Romania. Which would rather fittingly complete the analogy. I do hope it is not the case, this would be a blatant act of war. The UK government looks suicidal but this usually cynically translates into pushing others to suicide first… knocking on wood here.

A variation to the underwater commando strike could have been a torpedo fired from a submarine (the perfect analogy), but I think this would be entirely too risky in case the identity of the perpetrator needs to remain hidden.

Anyhow, step by step, little by little, NATO countries involvement deepens and, rather sooner than later, we’ll find out we have (been) slipped into an open, hot, war with Russia.

Btw, I am all in favor for Finland joining NATO asap. The more front line countries, the lesser the pressure upon my country. Way to go, Finland, you certainly enjoyed a good life, why not terminally endanger it !? Good thinking, thumbs up !

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