This is a ticking bomb !

The word here, and is not just the word, already restrictions were announced for the companies, is that Germany requested we share the natural gas with them and, as a consequence, Romania should impose restrictions on its people and industry (as little as it remains after the same EU criminals destroyed it to enslave us) in order to manifest its ‘solidarity’.

Of course, the traitors here accepted. They are hanging material, for sure, but Germany, and its EU combine, should be treated as hostile nation/s too.

It is not a case when we could increase production and help others, simply we are requested to suffer along and deplete the extracted reserves for the benefit of others.

I absolutely and unequivocally REJECT such a criminal request, I believe it is almost a casus belli and I have no intention to mince my words about this situation.

Germany should reap what it has sown. They cut the branch under their feet, now they can experience the results. ON THEIR OWN.

Romania can cover most of its natural gas needs from its own production and strategic reserves, the difference would not and SHOULD NOT make a big impact even if we couldn’t find where to buy from, though it would be a small amount compared with the needs the eco-freaks in Germany or similar criminal idiots brought upon their countries.

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