Forget winter, autumn is coming !

If it’s a rainy, chilly one („and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard…”)…

Usually, when you think of an explosive situation, in the back of your mind floats this notion of some explosive material which can blow up under certain conditions.

Such a tricky material, in the physical world, could be the gas pumped to fuel the various heating systems. Forget about industries relying on it, who needs them anyway ? (Probably the Chinese. And the Russians. And the Indians. And… BUT NOT US!)

Ironically, the EU combine finds itself on the brink of a major detonation exactly because of voluntarily putting itself in a situation where it can’t gather sufficient reserves of this stuff.

I doubt anyone can beat the top EU criminal association thugs and its national level minions suicidal stupidity.

There’s nothing to be done. Normal societies, normally run countries wouldn’t have placed themselves in a situation like this in the first place.

If abnormality reigns supreme, then let the explosion due to lack of explosive material happen !

Btw, the utopian nincompoops are not even able to ‘fuel’ the sacrificial Ukrainians with properly named (this time) explosive materials. I believe the ‘green’ shells haven’t been invented yet, but I didn’t check with Annalena lately.

Finally, let’s fuel Annalena Charlotte & comp frustrations and annoy them more with a heartfelt dedication. I know the whole lot of you believes you’re too good for us, the deplorables, and probably too thick to understand how dangerous your position of puppets on a string is, but hard reality might smack you in the face pretty soon. (At least the Finnish oddity has the gall to party to the end.)

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