With Ukraine’s offensive as background

So this is the real Ukrainian offensive. At least it makes sense from a military point of view. We’ll see how events develop.

Whatever reasons are behind the Russian strategy of dragging its feet (EU’s economic collapse, delaying the liberation of Donbass so they can keep the war going under the SMO label, maximizing Ukraine’s military losses) this dubious strategy will come to bite them back.

War weariness is always an undeniable fact and will settle in.

Muddled political goals translating into less than decisive military actions don’t win wars and make one wonder how you can impose peace if you appear so hesitant.

If Russia deliberately prolongs the war in order to wear down the West then it is making a serious mistake. And if what really wanted was to sever ties for good with EU and instill an anti-western sentiment in the Russian people, it already succeeded and should quickly end the war on her terms. Meaning Russia needs to take Kharkov, not play cat and mouse, or worse, around Balakyia, leaving the impression that is unable to encircle a really vital, essential, major objective city and can even be pushed back, regardless if the Ukrainian army suffers costly losses.

And here’s the 8th September update. Looks much worse for the Russians.

I guess something big (the ‘inflection point’ !?) is approaching. My bet is still on Russia , but I must notice the Ukrainian panache here.

Finally, a suggestive animated summary, the evolution of the Ukrainian offensive (from September 6th, the starting point – until now).

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m waiting for a Russian response en force.

Nonetheless, this military ‘ballet’ becomes stranger by the day.

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