Generous off-ramp

The former Romania’s foreign affairs minister (only for a short period of time during 2012), Andrei Marga, recently said the following:

Ignoring the idiotic-fanatical reaction of the current headless chickens who laughable identify as Romanian officials, what Marga said represents a very optimistic projection.

Optimistic for the… Ukrainians !

As I see it, Marga tried to fix in the minds of the audience, knowing very well the message will get widely popularized, even if only to be vituperated against, that Ukraine has to cede territories to Russia. The other countries were mentioned so the message looks more like how an academic would attack the issue.

Optimistic because Donbass and Crimea were mostly lost even before the Russian direct military intervention. Now, Donbass is a Bakhmut stronghold away from being practically under full Russian control.

Even the sane part of the Western leadership could understand and grudgingly accept the reality. And should try to reach an agreement with Russia while they still have bargaining chips left. (Now I am overly optimistic, I know.)

Crimea and Donbass won’t be enough, we all know. The Zaporozhye and Kherson regions are going to be attached too -formally probably in the next week or so. On the ground their borders will be defined by the Russian military progress.

Andrei Marga surely knows these facts and sent the correct signal.

An Ukraine stripped only of those regions (enlarged Crimea, Donbass and the connecting lands) would still be a viable state and the three NATO countries won’t push their claims.

An Ukrainian state depleted of manpower, with a demoralized, fleeing population, with ruined cities and industrial base, stubbornly executing the directives and accepting the absurd costs demanded by the globalist cabal encroached in the Western power centers will disappear.

No one should then blame the neighboring countries for stepping in to take back what, ultimately, was theirs. Simple as that.

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