EUrope is fucked

Yea, it’s about the undersea blasts.

The obvious suspects are the Americans. They had the means to do it, they have something to gain in the short run, they don’t care about the weakling eco-freak German vassals’ reaction. Vassals !? I think I might be too generous, Germany’s leadership looks by the day like the one in Romania, if not even worse, a mat to wipe your boots on. Americans… well, those in the driver’s seat who commandeered a once admirable nation.

The risks are huge now. The sabotage is in truth an act of war against both Russia and Germany and, by extension, due to the economic consequences, against all EU countries. The deluded Biden excrescence who grabbed power after a huge and well orchestrated electoral theft clearly doesn’t care about the dangers it exposes… I was going to write its own people, but the globalist cabal they represent has no country, no nation to call its own.

Blinken already blinked. For a supposedly chief of diplomacy he could have at least tried to hide his satisfaction. Blinken was unable to, maybe deliberately. He poured salt on the wound by infuriating all sane German or European with his encouragement for ‘alternative energies’ in Germany – the main cause Germany finds itself in this dire situation – shamelessly promoting the eco-freak 5th column planted there.

Scholz is a disgrace, Merkel looks imperial in retrospect. I almost pity the Germans, tending to forget, for now, how they fucked us in a similar manner, propping the worst possible political tools to serve their interests.

EUrope is fucked. There is no escape from the path to self-destruction, unless a true revolution happens continentwide. Which would be miraculous.

Economic and financial collapse aside, the prison walls erected around the demoralized European nations appear strong enough to keep them docile under the rule of hand picked warden maniacs the likes of Ursula, Lagarde, Borrell and other similar creatures from hell.

And when the walls will show signs of cracking, if not even earlier, the all out war will come as the ‘natural’ next step for a hungry, freezing, embittered populace reduced to the level of animalistic survival instincts. ‘Look, the enemy is there, the bloodthirsty, subhuman Russians and their evil dark emperor, go get them !’.

We find ourselves in an apocalyptic logic, some ubiquitous puppeteers clearly push for a dramatic change with the final desired result being the thorough enslavement of humankind with the chains of a fanatical anti-human ideology, which looks more and more like a devil’s worshipping.

There won’t be a relatively peaceful transition to a multi polar world (which is no guarantee of improvement in itself, just a hope ), war in Ukraine doesn’t look like an accident and the escalation rhythm is stepping up.

500+ million (throwing in UK who’s getting more EUtistic since BrExit than before) lemmings are corralled and prepped for slaughterhouse, in a disgraceful end for a glorious civilization.

Biden announced it :

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