Energy as a whip

Can you imagine what a scary world would be for our masters when technology could allow very cheap, safe and in abundance energy ?

They have to have absolute control before that happens or the challenge to their power (pun intended) will become overwhelming.

Sometimes I wonder if complex and very costly – in the investment phase, at least – technologies aren’t deliberately preferred , while other attempts and ideas are eliminated, bought and kept in a drawer or exposed to an unwarranted ridicule, as some stories suggest.

Some monopolies need to be established beforehand or you risk that the reins of power (pun intended) slip out from your fingers.

God forbid an idea surfaces and the peasants are handed the knowledge and means to generate their own energy, making them fully independent !

In this vein, solar energy looked promising for the common folks, luckily it is both costly to produce the components (when you take subventions out) and impossible to make them outside complicated production facilities. There are other drawbacks so we can say it is ‘safe’ for our overlords to toy with.

Mind my words: powers (he, he) that be will always go for centralized, preferable huge, extremely complicated means to generate energy, impossible to operate at an individual/family level. They need to control the production so they can squeeze the distribution to the peasants to keep them down.

Otherwise, autonomy to fully (self) supply your energy needs means freedom.

The principle can strangely apply even at the level of nations, as the case of subservient Germany amply proves it. US didn’t care when a weak Russia was delivering cheap energy to their German vassal, but when Russia grew stronger alarm lights began to flicker, what if Russia uses this as a lever to either replace US control or let Germany off the hook ? So US decided to take the matter into own hands (reestablishing the US in, Russia out, Germany down reality).

Of course, after the mentioned hands were freed from the burden of underwater explosive charges. (It really doesn’t matter if the actual hands were Brit, Swede, Pole or… Academy, we all know who the big boss is.)

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