Ukraine doesn’t meet the conditions

When Romania applied for NATO, the country was required to have all possible disputes with its neighbors solved.

Romania was thus forced to sign a treaty with Ukraine, implicitly accepting the loss of its historical territories to a newborn state.

That condition was mandatory, there was no ambiguity, it was either fulfilling it or giving up the NATO membership.

I demand that the same rules to be applied in the case of Ukraine.

Which means that, amongst other neighbors, Ukraine needs to have had settled its disputes with Russia, in an internationally recognized manner, i.e. signing and ratifying a treaty between the two countries.

Logically, any support for Ukraine’s admission in NATO before this fundamental condition is met from the political decision makers in Romania is inadmissible.

The officials who get involved with such undignified pandering, which carries the danger of precipitating an already complicated situation towards the abyss of nuclear annihilation, are very close to committing an act of high treason.

Furthermore, since the Ukrainian state’s future is extremely uncertain, the political decisions perceivable as creating new ties with a dissolving political entity are obviously detrimental to the Romanian national interests ergo high treason warning bells are ringing again.

Just saying.

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