A victory the size of a defeat

The English translation for Dan Diaconu‘s article: O victorie cât o înfrângere

A brutally rendered reality no one seems to want to address in USA, if it is still addressable, a fertile ground for whatever machinations the oligarchy and the deep state concoct, including electoral grand theft.

At the time of writing this article, the Republicans seem to have a clear lead in the House of Representatives, while for the Senate the situation revolves around a balance, with a rather weak lead in their favor. I find it disappointing.

The whole situation I’m talking about comes after a disastrous leadership, in which inflation is wreaking havoc, the economy is a disaster and people simply have nothing left to live on. The number of bums in the US is higher than ever, in some areas of the big cities you feel like you are in Africa, and the situation has deteriorated more than during the major economic crises. This happening while the crisis has not yet really started. Here’s the disastrous result a mostly lethargic champion of blunders, decrepit old man’s leadership brought. With such a record, it would have been normal for the Democrats not to get any votes. You’d wish, their electoral fiefdoms remained just as reactive!

This is why I consider the current American elections rather a defeat for logic and common sense. Of course, there is also a massive electoral fraud involved. However, I draw a comparison with us [in Romania]. Do you remember the 2012 elections, in which the alliance against Băsescu [the former Romanian president] simply swept away those from the traitor’s party? In spite of the electoral thefts and the support that Băsescu’s party had from the security apparatus, the electorate actually swept away the scums. This is how things should have happened in the USA but, unfortunately, we can see a different political reality.

Beginning with the 2000 crisis, but more significantly with the 2008 crisis, the American middle class was effectively destroyed. Small entrepreneurs and employees with decent wages actually found themselves sliding mostly into the poor class, only a small part managing to „escape upwards”. Thus, the social reality of the USA today looks bleak: a vast majority living at an animalistic level, at the limit of subsistence, and a minority thriving. As a matter of fact, the elections, whichever ones, constantly result in better and better conditions for the upper class, while the lower ones have to concern themselves only with survival related issues.

Since its inception, the American state has laid the foundations for policies able to prevent internal revolt. The ingredients of this „social peace” have been known since antiquity: „bread and circus”. This is why food policy, despite its toxicity, is the most powerful mechanism that no one dares disturb. The US has the sickest food quality related causes population. When you walk down the streets you bump into huge, obese, land whales barely moving and gasping for air with every movement. Corn syrup, potato, cheap, processed animal protein are the main ingredients of this policy. They provide sufficient fodder for the human animal, at an affordable price. Television and the Internet provide both the circus and the propaganda necessary to maintain the status quo. This is how, just like in ancient Rome, the large „free citizenry” became dependent on the lord-state.

Two main forces are fighting on the American political chessboard since days of yore: the Republicans, more favorable to a libertarian development of society, and the Democrats, followers of liberalism, whose last step is communism. Thus, it is the Democrats who introduce „welfare” for the lower classes, gaining a lot of followers among the American poor. But we should not let ourselves to be fooled, to a similar extent, Democrats are also supported at the top of American society. There many understood that, in the shadow of the „social peace” in which the great mass of the poor is kept under control with meal vouchers, they can see themselves reassured that the multiplication of their wealth continues, without worrying about other problems such as unemployment or ensuring an adequate quality of life. Thus, regardless of their idiocies, the democrats’ electoral base – composed of activists at the base and generous donors at the top – effectively does its duty every election cycle. This is why I told you that the Republican victory looks more of a defeat because, faced with such a disastrous leadership, the results should have been quite different.

The reality on the ground looks completely unlike what we imagine. The individuals on the lowest rung of society are no longer looking to get out of there, but are content with what they have. So that any encouragement from the Republicans sounds more like a threat to the „right” to have meal vouchers and other social assistance. Unfortunately, the US are rather dead. This can be observed with the naked eye. Individual dynamics are down flat, society is gripped by lethargy and votes for the „right to social assistance”. But what neither politicians nor ordinary people want to hear is the fact that the substance of the „welfare” system was based on demented taxation of the middle class. That class has been demolished and now in its place lies an impassable chasm that separates the poor from the rich. The rich will never want to contribute to the welfare of the poor. Or maybe only marginally, for their own safety. The middle class no longer exists. And then, where does the money come from? There’s no money anymore because they are captive in the upper class. So it seems like a dead end game. Do not worry! Bernie Sanders has a recipe: it’s called communism and it was prophesied not only by Marx, but also by Khrushchev. Straight ahead!

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