The pathetic descent into post-fascism

There was a coup in the making in Germany… yeah, right… as in ‘right wing’… yeah, rightagain.

I’ve seen a targeted ‘depiction’ of the situation from the deep state controlled MSM. The narrative is checking all the right (again!?) boxes. Including the nice touch of writing about the very real and powerful deep state by placing it inside quote marks, you know, as it doesn’t exist, you know.

Good to reassure us instead that the Q-anon thing is real and kicking at the door of democracy. Added bonus: a gross wink to the J6 ‘insurrectionist’ assault on the Capitol Hill redoubt of freedom and civic liberties.

The ‘coup’, again accordingly to the very savvy and definitive depiction of an event the details which can’t possibly be known yet, let alone verified, by any mass-mediot in the world, intended to reinstate a Prussian, Bismarck type regime. Well, well, what do we have here ? Simply put, since the narrative doesn’t excel in subtlety, a dreaded conservative style government was the goal of those vicious plotters.

Goes even better. The putsch-ists wanted to storm the parliament and hold MPs as hostages. What bell does that story ring ? Right, the Guardia Civil coup attempt in Spain after Franco’s death, that is… FASCISTS !

And more. The conspirators ring was dismantled by SWAT raids in various locations, including some OUTSIDE Germany. Got it ? It is not just Germany’s problem, it is the UNION’s !

I don’t believe another nation in the world was as humiliated in the shortest amount of time as what happened to Germany in the last months. And it doesn’t look like it will stop here. If you can blow up its pipelines, destroy its economy, make the country’s leaders applaud and sing in the choir alongside those who strangle her, then more will come. And the fake coup opens such juicy new crack down opportunities !

Germany today represents the symbol of all EUropean countries tomorrow: zombie states, automaton citizenry… delete that… lowest subjects, fully controlled and humiliated by a non-existing deep state acting on behalf and as an embodiment of a tyrannical, hell derived and hell driven, state of mind and enforced social construct combined in one.

These developments herald a new form of evil, beyond fascism, despite the obvious collusion between state and corporations, a meltdown of both into a dehumanizing porridge where all planes of reality get scrambled and distorted.

Wake up or forever woke down ! Germany, I’m especially talking to you.

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