Oops… UAPs !

The balloons have been promoted to UAPs. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena… much sexier than UFO.

So, the objects are now phenomenai.e. could be anything, objects, weather anomalies, astronomical coincidences, mass hysteria, hallucinations, just anything, the mother of all diversions, the karinjeanpierre clarity of all press releases. Project Blue Book for dummies.

UFO had a good run, it’s now time for a revamping, 75 years later. It all started with a weather balloon, which wasn’t a weather balloon, but it was… ah, those were the times… at least this old tradition was preserved.

No more flying objects. Out, finished, too much hassle for F-22s and F-35s to chase grinning diabolical Chinese balloons all over the continent and risk entanglement in that communist, anti-American white silk cloth !

Enter the aerial phenomena who/which just hang there, waiting to be discovered by fine tuning the radars (which previously were interested only in the big picture, you dig?).

UAP which conveniently leave only irrecuperable debris after they were valiantly destroyed.

UAP which allow even smaller, less advanced nations to monitor and even destroy the buggers, not to mention flood the Muppet shows they call news with incredible (tsk, tsk) stories about dangerous somethings filled with nothing, which were invisible until they weren’t, certainly nefarious though we know nothing about their purpose, very menacing though they don’t put up any resistance.

How stupid can we get !?

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