War Chronicles

The war ended there and another war, much more terrifying, started. It’s what the neocon warmongers wanted all the time. Now they have it. I wonder where it will stop.

March 24, 2022 – It looks like Mariupol has fallen (or has been liberated, perspectives differ). If the entire city was occupied/cleared it is impossible to tell, but there seems to be a number of sources which concur that the Russian army, Donbass militias and Chechen fighters (I’m not certain of their status, if they are regular Russian units or not) have practically defeated the Ukrainian forces there – including the Azov/ultra-right units.

March 23, 2022


(posted on) March 19, 2022 – event from the very beginning of the war

This is probably the helicopter whose wreckage was filmed then, surely the clip can be found, described as a crash though it was a clear forced landing.

March 20, 2022

First footage from Mariupol, the part took over by the Russian/Donbass troops. Patrick Lancaster doesn’t say the entire city fell, but there were practically no fights ongoing to be heard or seen.

City is quite knocked out. But it is obvious from how the destructions look neither air bombing, nor ballistic/cruise missiles were used, at least where the reporter was filming. The buildings witness direct shell fire, probably from tank guns and rpgs or some other kind of individual/small rockets. Plus the marks of ensuing fire.

I’d guess no thermobaric ammo was used either, the resistance structure of the apartment blocks looks unaffected, though I doubt it is worth repairing in many cases, no matter how solid the Soviets (most buildings look older than 1991) built.


March 18, 2022

„Then, as the war progressed, I forgot Clausewitz’ famous dictum that war is the continuation of politics by other means and over-estimated the speed of developments. At the start, Putin put out the aims: de-nazification, disarming and no NATO. The first to be accomplished by killing them and by trials and exposure of the survivors, the second aim is mostly completed and the third has not yet happened (although Zelensky periodically hints at it). These aims can be achieved by violence or by negotiation (aided by violence – the “other means”). The Russian operation will continue until all three are accomplished. I do not foresee Russian troops advancing much into Western Ukraine: let NATO, Poland especially, have the joy of dealing with Galicia.”


March 17, 2022

Putin‘s March 16th very powerful speech. Decoupling from the Western ruled world seems definitive. The logical conclusion is that, eventually, all significant economic ties with EU+ countries will be severed. Which will bring an agonizing death for the resources poor arrogant combine. For my country, one of the few reasonably rich in various resources, judging from the last 30 years of experience with the predatory West, will mean that we are going to be sucked dry.


March 17, 2022

Tucker Carlson also trying to prevent the warmongers insanity.


March 17, 2022

Gonzalo Lira in Kharkov warning (and through dissemination trying, as it is humanly possible, to prevent) a false flag operation that is going to be blamed on Russia, thus bringing closer the flames of a much wider, unimaginable destructive war.


March 17, 2022

Lara Logan‘s rapid fire of incendiary truth bullets shreds the veil of lies.

The Duran‘s comment:

„Please watch, it is an amazing video on Ukraine and the lies told

I will work on creating a video where this can be shared without copyright issues on other platforms, but for now here on LOCALS is the uncut full version.

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Lara Logan is a South African journalist and she breaks it all down in this segment. We are being lied to, we are being played by Zelensky and his puppet masters, and they are pushing us to WW3.”


That Russia seeks to reverse the steps that ignored Russian security concerns and does not seek further territorial gains like recreating the Soviet empire or annexing Ukraine is supported by Israeli officials with direct knowledge of the negotiations who say that „Putin’s proposal is difficult for Zelensky to accept but not as extreme as they anticipated. They said the proposal doesn’t include regime change in Kyiv and allows Ukraine to keep its sovereignty.” A senior Ukrainian official says that Israeli Prime Minister Bennett, who has met with Putin and spoken to Zelensky, told Zelensky „that he should take Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal for ending the war.”


Col. Douglas Macgregor discussion with Max Blumenhal & Aaron Mate on The Grayzone channel: